Good morning Jaguars!  Today is Monday, May 15th here are your announcements.


Today is Silver Day, you’re attending even numbered classes.


The lunch menu for today is your choice between mini corn dogs, spicy chicken sandwich, and pb & j.


Attention teachers:  The wristband color for hats today is blue and white checkers.


Attention students:  Beginning today there will be disc golf club after school.  It will be Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week.  If you’re interested please meet in the cafeteria after school with Mr. Hansen and Mr. Rich.


Attention 8th grade boys:  If you’re interested in playing basketball next year please see Mr. Rosette in the cafeteria after school today.


Our first Transition Day is tomorrow.  All 8th grade students will be reporting to an elective teacher prior to loading buses at 8:45.  These rosters have been posted in the office windows and on the concession stand window.  Students are responsible for knowing which classroom to report to.  These rosters are final and changes cannot be made.  Students are listed alphabetically by last name.


Attention Teachers:  Two rosters have been placed in your mailbox if you’re a chaperone for Transition Day.  One is a roster of students reporting to your classroom and the other is roster of all students who will be on your bus.  Be sure to collect these before tomorrow.


This Thursday, the 18th will be the last day for activity buses.  If students stay after school for any reason after the 18th they will have to arrange for their own ride home.


If you had sculptures in the Fine Art Show you may pick them up in Mr. Wonnacott’s room after school.


We’d like to wish the following students a happy birthday who celebrated one over the weekend:  Yuliza Vincencio-Delgadillo, Alexander Frias, Carsten Gerrard, Ashely Herrera, Jackson McKenzie, Baylen Kitteridge, and Jordana Frericks.  We’d also like to wish Ava Macejak, Brylee Christensen, Addison Nilles, and Andrew Nilles a happy birthday today.