The RSJH PTSO is selling Valentine's Day candy grams.  They will be sold to students next Tuesday and Wednesday during all 3 lunches.  Students must know the 5B teacher of the student they're sending it to.  Cost is 50 cents and they are accepting cash only.  Parents may also purchase them from the front office at any time.  You will fill out a card with a special message and then candy will be attached to it.  they will be delivered during 5th period on Valentine's Day.  All proceeds are going towards a jaguar logo being placed on our SRO, Corporal Hall's police vehicle.  Take a look at the logo below!  #SpotYourPride #It'saGreatDaytobeaJag





February 7th, 2020   

Good morning Rock Springs Junior High.  Today is Friday, February 7th, and here are your announcements.


Today is A day.


The lunch menu for today is your choice between cheeseburger, corn dog, and pb & j.


The math counts meet scheduled in Lander today has been canceled.