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A physical is NOT required for 7th and 8th graders participating in junior high sports. However, it is highly recommended.

Volleyball Tryouts – August 16 – 18, 2017.  The time is TBD.

7th Grade                                                                8th Grade   

Fall                                                                         Fall
Football                                                                     Football
Volleyball                                                                    Volleyball 
Cross Country (boys, girls)                                          Cross Country (boys, girls)

      Winter                                                     Winter
Basketball (boys, girls)                                                Basketball (boys, girls)

Wrestling                                                                      Wrestling

 Swimming (girls)                                                       Swimming (girls)


Spring                                                                        Spring
Swimming (boys)                                                         Swimming (boys)
Track (boys, girls)                                                         Track (boys, girls)


Eligibility : 

1.  All students will be eligible at the beginning of the school year.

2.  Eligibility for seventh and eighth graders will be checked ONE time on Monday morning of each week

3.  Students with a failing grade at this time will be considered ineligible to participate in any school sponsored event held during that week of school (Monday through Saturday).

4.  The eligibility process will repeat itself on Monday of each week.

5.  Grades will be reset at the beginning of each quarter and will not be averaged.

If a student is subject to disciplinary action, he or she will not be allowed to participate in practice(s), game(s), and /or any performance(s) until such action has been completed.