Curriculum Requirements

    The curriculum at East Junior High School features both required courses and a diversified course of study for the individual student.  The staff has designed course offerings, which have been adapted to the philosophy of our school community.  The philosophy encompasses a strong basic program for all pupils with continued emphasis on filling individual needs.

    The junior high school promotion policy requires that each student must take a full schedule for each year (seven classes per day) and must accumulate at least ten and one half (10.5) credits in the core curriculum area.  These credits will qualify a student for entrance into high school. Of these units:

  • TWO must be in language arts.
  • TWO must be in mathematics.
  • TWO must be in social studies/history. (Two semesters of social studies in 7th grade; Two semesters of U.S. History in 8th grade).
  • TWO must be in physical education. (One semester P.E. I and one semester of health in 7th grade; Two semesters of P.E. II).
  • TWO must be in science. (Two semesters of general science in 7th grade and two semesters in the 8th grade). 
  •  ONE semester must be in Data Processing I.

           Students who have not completed all junior high requirements by the end of the eighth grade year will not be allowed to enter the high school. The student may be referred to alternative programs to make up deficient credits.

    There will be enough flexibility in the curriculum to deal with individual student needs if promotional problems become apparent.