Guidance & Counseling

Counseling and guidance services are available to any student at the junior high school. The purpose for the counseling program is to help the student make school as successful as possible.  The counselors work as advocates for students.  Most counseling sessions occur at the student's request, but can also result from referrals by the principal, teachers, parents, or friends.  The phone number to reach the counselors is 352-3474.  Feel free to call at any time to discuss any concerns you may have about your child.  In the best interest of the student, matters of a personal nature are kept confidential.

Joanne Reints - School Counselor

Courtney Grote - School Counselor

Erica Stearns - School Counselor

Sondra De La O - Social Worker




All selections must be made carefully, including alternate choices. It is frequently necessary to use alternate choices. The Guidance Office reserves the right to assign alternates if you have not listed any.
Schedule changes will be made ONLY in case of errors.  Parent or student initiated requests for class changes will be decided by the administrator. In addition, a $15.00 handling fee will be charged for such approved changes.